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"Appendix to the Report of the Committee for Scientific Inquiries in Relation to the Cholera-Epidemic of 1854"

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(26 July 1855)

The map of the Golden Square outbreak, inserted after page 322, and the Tables (on folded pages, beginning page 323) accompanying Fraser, Hughes, and Ludlow's report are not viewable in the above PDF.

However, I scanned and posted the Tables as individual PDFs within the Documents section of a companion WordPress site on this server. Thanks to Nigel Paneth, Jayne Goeddeke, and Dominque Jones at the Department of Epidemiology, MSU, for making this possible.

See Figures in CWS at the bottom of the main navigation menu to the left for a high-resolution image of the map that the three special inspectors constructed in cooperation with members of the parish Cholera Inquiry Committee.

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