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"MT: "Painless Surgical Operations.""

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Medical Times
(9 January 1847): 289-92.

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[1. Editorial:] Painless surgical operations.

[2.] Description of Robinson's inhaler.


[3.] The following amusing remarks on this subject [painless surgical operations] are abstracted from the Annales Thérapeutique. . . .

[4. Letter to the editor from Dr. A. Fairbrother,

Senior Physician to the Bristol General Hospital.]

[5. Letter to the editor from Dr. Boott, containing a letter from "Q. C." with an assessment that the patent on ether inhalation is not likely to be found valid.]

[6.] Operation at St. George's Hospital, while under the influence of ether, by Mr. Tatum.

[7. Editorial remarks on an operation at Bristol General Hospital, along with a letter from William Herapath,] "the well known analytical chemist, who was present at the operation" [292].

[8. Extract from a letter, signed by twelve dentists, and published in the Boston Herald, decrying the attempt to patent ether inhalation.]

[Transcriptions pending]

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