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""John Snow MD -- his early days.""

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(August 1984)Anaesthesia 39 (August 1984): 803-805

PDF from photocopy, courtesy of Michigan State University Libraries.

This is a scan of my marked copy. Leaman's article was one of the earliest corrections to information about Snow's life attributed to Benjamin Ward Richardson.

Additional research since 1984 has corrected Leaman as well: See Richard Ellis's Introduction to Snow's Case Books, xii-xiii for a more likely explanation of what Richardson meant by a "private school." And see the Askham-Empson genealogy in Cholera, Chloroform, and the Science of Medicine. A Life of John Snow, 19; Mary Askham married John Empson, and their children included Frances Askham (John Snow's mother, born before their marriage) and Charles Empson. So Charles Empson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, later of Bath, was John Snow's uncle. [PVJ]

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