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"John Snow 1813-1858: the emergence of the medical profession."

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(September 1995)Ph.D. Thesis, Keele University, 1995

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Stephanie Snow's thesis is a "medical life-history which is informed by and interrogates the findings of recent scholarship on the professionalism process" (5). She researched and wrote it at a time when re-assessments of John Snow's contributions to anesthesia and epidemiology were already well underway; her thesis reviews and interprets much of this literature. New research into his early years and medical training, however, had just begun, and Stephanie Snow was among its early pathfinders. In addition, she analyzes John Snow's clinical practice (drawing extensively on Richard Ellis' recently published transcription of John Snow's casebooks) and medical society participation in the context of changing attitudes about the proper role of theoretical and laboratory sciences in medicine.

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